You Should Never Run Your Car On Low Fuel. Here’s Why!

So, how many times have you thought that it is absolutely thrilling to run your car on fumes?! Definitely, a lot of times! But let’s just face it once and for all, running your car on low fuel might be one of those thrilling experiences that you want to try, but it is extremely catastrophic for your car and well, for your budget too!

The video underneath explains the working of a fuel pump in the car. In the fuel tank of a car, there is a contraption called a fuel pump, which sends the fuel from the tank to the engine of the car. The fuel pump relies on the gasoline in the tank to keep it cool and lubricated. Running the car with a low tank means that the pump isn’t staying as lubricated as it should and is at a high risk of overheating. The obvious downside to this is premature failure of the pump which can be a pretty expensive repair!
And once the fuel pump fails, it will lead to the extremely poor performance of the car, especially with smoothly accelerating the car! Furthermore, the fuel pump is also installed with a fuel filter which can quickly get dirty if you decide to drive the car on low fuel. Since any sediment or dirt sinks to the bottom of the tank, the fuel filter could end up getting blocked or could take in dirty fuel, which also has costly consequences.

Hence, ignoring the fuel sign is usually considered a very bad idea and it is advisable to keep the fuel tank at least half full all the time to ensure that your car is healthy all the time!
Here’s the explanatory video for the same. It’s worth a watch! Share the message with your friends and family to keep them updated about the dangers of running a car on low fuel!

How a Fuel Pump Works – from YouTube by viralbox