What Happens When You Pour Liquid Aluminum On Popcorn… (Video)

This experiment of pouring molten aluminium on popcorn is amazing..

We have seen many ways to make popcorn and here we have a unique experiment of popcorn with molten aluminum.

Let us see what happens to our favorite movie time snack if we treat it with liquid aluminum.



Heat the furnace and melt the aluminum rods in a vessel. Make sure you keep yourself safe by wearing gloves and maintain a safe distance from the heat. Take corn grains in a thick metal bucket. Now slowly pour the liquid aluminum in the bucket. Intense heat is developed from the liquid aluminum.

What Happens Next?


The moment aluminum is added to the corn grain the reaction takes place with the help of heat. Slowly the corn starts to burst and form a delicious edible thing called popcorn. To spread the heat evenly toss the grains from time to time. Be careful while tossing, do not get hurt.

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