Weird Things We Spotted In The Backgrounds Of Movies (8 Pics)

Return Of The Jedi
While Luke’s fighting, Boba Fett flies past him. Or a rag doll looking like Boba.

A Goofy Movie
Like in most Disney film, there’s always a nod to characters that aren’t actually in the movie. The little mermaid, in this case.

Jurassic Park
It’ dark, but noticeable. There’s a sprinkler above this T-Rex’s head!

Despicable Me
There’s some Minion love going on in the back…

Mr Nanny
The man in the background was either catching a dog in midflight, or disposing of it. None of which should actually be happening.

If this had been real life, Leo would be missing a hand.

I Am Legend
In the background there’s an ad for ‘Batman Vs Superman,’ which was released quite a long time after I am Legend. It was in DC’s plans, obviously.

Better Off Ted
This is actually a TV show. Dr. Who fans will notice a Dalek in the background, a nod to the Brithis sci fi show.