Want To Know Something About Someone’s Personality? Try Looking At Their Hands!

Whether you believe it or not, the size of your hands may be associated with your personality. Moreover, a lot of people believe that this is an effective way to learn about someone’s character. Nevertheless, you won’t have to utilize a ruler to measure your hand. As a matter of fact, you can just compare the size of your hand with the length of your arm.


How Do You Compare The Size Of Your Hand With Your Arm’s Length?

1. Bend your left elbow at a 45-degree angle.
2. Place your right thumb in the crumple of your elbow.
3. Afterwards, stretch your hand out, and bring your middle finger near to your wrist.
4. Determine what kind of hands you have.

Small Hands Type: You have this type of hands if you can’t reach your wrist.

Large Hands Type: You have kind of hands if you can reach your wrist.

Traits That Go With The Hand Type

Large Hands:

If you have large hands, you’re probably a perfectionist. You’re expected to focus on small details in all aspects of your life. Aside from that, you respond to trials in a way that’s different from people who have small hands. If there is a deadline that must be met for a work or school assignment, you continue working until close to the deadline to guarantee that the task is as well-done as conceivable.

Moreover, you’re sensitive to criticism. This can cause you to exaggerate in some conditions. You pay close attention to the needs of other people. You tend to make effective workers.

Small Hands:

If you have small hands, you’re more of a free spirit. People having this type of hands tend to look for the next escapade, and they’re usually not afraid of taking risks. Nevertheless, people with small hands are typically skilled at discovering their way out of difficult situations through problem-solving capabilities.

Consider The Shape Of Your Palm:

Just in case you have a square palm, this signifies that you’re more inclined to utilize your logical skills. It also means that you’re a practical type of person. You infrequently use your instinct because you don’t trust it.

If your palms are rectangular, you perhaps tend to solve problems faster. Additionally, you’re a more intuitive person. If your palms are long and square, then you’re also likely to be subtle and adventurous.

The Length Of Your Fingers:

If you have long fingers, you have an inquisitive personality. If you have short fingers, you possibly make a good leader.