Video of Ghost Man moving at lightning speed to save young girl’s life has broken the internet, but is it real? (Video)

Watch out the video at the end to unpack the hidden surprise….

A new video is viral these days which has a ghost man in it. This man comes as a savior and saves girl’s life from a car hit while crossing the road. When you look at the video there are many questions raised. Either the ghost really exists or someone will be winning best editor award.

The Dramatic Incident


A CCTV footage captured on June 18 at 11:34 pm features a girl crossing the road late at night. The road was almost empty with a couple of cars. The girl was hesitant to cross the road at first but then she did and was about to get hit by the car. But bam! A flash came to rescue from nowhere and saved her.

Talk Of The Town


This video has been watched on YouTube millions of time. The near hit incident has become hit on the YouTube. People have been divided into 3 different clans of Fake, Confused and Real. Oh my god! There are people who believe it to be true. The discussions seem to be never-ending. Maybe this can become an excellent pub discussion.

Is It For Real?


There are many things that might look fishy. The video is very hard to be believed. The conjuring activities are always interesting to know but this video feels unusually weird. This could have been an amazing work of perfect editing. If that is true then the person who did it should be awarded.

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