Tourist Walks Across Glass Bride Built Alongside A Cliff. Seconds Later, It Shatters Below Him (Video)

One of the new trends in tourist attractions is incorporating glass walkways. As a person who’s absolutely terrified of heights, I can’t imagine why this trend got started, but proponents say that it creates a 360-degree experience. This can be awesome for people who aren’t babies like I am because they can really feel like they’re part of nature as they take it all in.

More than 60 of these glass bridges have been built in China, but there’s one that’s gone totally viral thanks to something pretty crazy. Let’s just say the bridge in this video is a bit different than the rest.

While it may look totally legit, it’s actually just special effects, complete with some terrifying surround-sound cracking. It was done so expertly that the poor guy on the bridge certainly thought it was real! It’s definitely going to be a no from me on this one, folks.


Since the video has gone viral, workers at the recently opened Taihang Scenic Area are reassuring everyone that tourists will be warned beforehand about what the bridge can do and they also say that regular safety checks are performed.


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