This Woman Pours A Packet Of Kool-Aid In Her Toliet, The Results Will Blow You Away (6 Pics)

The one chore around the house that most people hate more than others is cleaning the toilet. But what if I told you there is a simple solution waiting in your pantry. Try using this awesome technique to clean your toilet and check out the 10 other Kool-Aid based lifehacks I have included.
There isn’t anyone who enjoys cleaning toilets.

The worst part is when you’ve finished and there’s still a ring around the water line.
There’s a seriously unexpected hack to get rid of that line.

It’s a little unorthodox but stick with us.
Use a lemon or orange packet of Kool-Aid as a cleaning agent.

Open a packet, and scatter the dust around the bowl.
Make sure you target all of the spots with stains on them.

Then, let the Kool-Aid powder sit for about an hour.
Unfortunately, you still have to scrub.

However, that disgusting ring will scrape right off after the Kool-Aid has done a number on it.
Last, just flush the toilet.

You don’t want any toddlers discovering the toilet Kool-Aid and getting any ideas.