THIS Is What It Means If You Sleep With Your Socks On.

Do you sleep with your socks on or off? Which ever you do, you will probably think the people who do the opposite are crazy! Some find it impossible to sleep wihtout their socks on, their feet are always cold and they cannot even consider going to sleep without their cosy socks on. Others experience the exact opposite — they find it very uncomfortable to have socks on once they’re in bed; they feel hot, uncomfortable and even a bit trapped! You might think that in both cases, it is simply just a habit…but new studies show that it actually reveals a lot more than you think about your body and your personality…
You aren’t going to believe this, HERE is what it means…

If you wear socks to bed it’s probably because your feet are cold. This usually means you are sensitive to the cold in general and this could be related to many different things, including the thickness of your skin and your body’s metabolic rate. People with an increased metabolism feel hot and sweaty all the time, whereas those with a slow metabolism and poor blood circulation feel cold more than other people.
But whilst being sensitive to cold is a condition associated with your physical and biological characteristics, it also has a lot to do with your perception of space and temperature. Thus, two people with very similar physical characteristics can perceive the external climate in very different ways.
But what about your personality? Well our source reveals that people who feel the need to sleep with their socks on usually seek to be protected. If you’re one of them, it is likely you love nothing more than being in warm and comforting places and always seek to establish deep and very intimate relationships with others. You’re a touchy-feely kind of person and you don’t mind sharing your personal space — cuddles and hugs make you happy.

If the thought of sleeping with your socks on makes you hot and sweaty, it’s probably because you have either a faster metabolism than others, good blood circulation, or thicker skin. You most likely have a biological predisposition to preserve and generate heat, and that’s why your feet get so darn hot!
Also less sensitive to cold is also related to the way you interact with others.Our source reveals that if you sleep barefoot you’re probably a very independent person. You need your personal space and come into contact with others only when you’re willing to interact. In a relationships you tend to take the lead and are always planning ahead. You’re honest and sincere but you know how to take good care of people who mean a lot to you.