This Is What Happens When You Drop 20kg Of Red Hot Steel Onto A Frozen Lake (6 Pics)

Lauri’s incredibly Finnish scientific experiment sees him trying to bore a hole into the frozen lake using 20KG of red hot steel. Sure, an ice pick probably would have been simpler.
This gentleman is our hero.

He runs a YouTube channel called “Beyond the Press.” The channel features him breaking stuff with a hydraulic press. Cool, right?
Well, he’s also got a ton of other cool stuff.

In this video, he decides to take a 20-kilogram hunk of red-hot steel and place it on a frozen lake.
So…why is he doing this, exactly?

Well, just to see what would happen. However, practically, he’s wondering if it’s a quick way to melt through ice for ice fishing.
The steel melts the surrounding ice, as you might expect.

It heats the surrounding water, too, creating a thick film of vapor.
Eventually, though, it slows down.

It doesn’t quite break through the ice. Bummer….
Oh, and he also recorded from the other side of the ice.