This Is How Thieves Open Padlocks Using Two Spanners

When we want to safeguard our belongings to the next level, we usually use padlocks, because we feel that they are quite sturdy and the thieves will have a hard time in breaking them up. But seems like we were wrong all this while! If you know right technique, it can be broken even with the simplest tools. In the video underneath, this guy breaks up different kinds of padlocks using just a pair of spanners!
In this video, the host shows us four variety of locks and then, he successfully breaks all of them using just two big spanners. So, from the smallest ones to the largest one in the lot, all of them can be broken easily! I’m never going to trust the padlocks ever again!

He holds the spanners such that each of them surrounds one side of the lock’s shackle ( the U-shaped metal arc over the lock). Next, he just pushes them towards each other with his hand almost effortlessly and the locks break up! These padlocks were as easy as this to break open?! I never thought that!

Next, he demonstrates to open them up when they are in use on the door handles! He does it so effortlessly that you will be forced to think as if these locks were made for thieves to crack them up. See, how easily he does that! Just fix the spanners onto the shackle and push them apart and whoa, it’s all cracked up into pieces!

The video is just cringeworthy for people who trusted padlocks! Oh, I can bet you will not be able to trust this sturdy-looking but easily breakable metal padlocks ever again in your life.
So, ready to watch the video? Here you go!

This Is How Thieves Open Padlocks Using Two… by viralbox