Think Very Well Before Lying To A Smart Woman (6 Pics)

It is always said that you should marry a smart man or the one who could match the level of your smartness. Ha! Ha! But, if you marry someone who is more clever than you, trouble starts to brew from there.
Today, I will tell you a short story about a couple that should serve a lesson to all men, “NEVER LIE TO A WOMAN”.
And in case you do try to lie, she will find a way to catch you red handed.
A Husband calls up his wife
One fine day, a husband calls his wife over the phone and announced that he has been asked to go to fishing in China with his boss for a week. He informs his wife that this is a good opportunity for him to get the promotion. And finally, the husband asked her to pack enough clothes for a week, his rod & of course the fishing box.
He said they will leave directly from office & will only stop by the house to pick luggage.
He then added, “Oh! Yes, one thing more, please pack my new blue silk pajamas also!”
The Suspicious Wife

After putting down her husband’s call, wife got puzzled as to why he had asked to pack his blue silk pajamas.

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