These simple tricks can make your household chores less stressful

Each day sees us tackling various household jobs. There are days when time could be a constraint leading to a backlog later on. Have you ever wondered that there could be another way of doing the same routine jobs differently and in lesser time? Yes, that’s right. We have compiled a list of tasks that can be done easily without much stress.

Have Some Leftover Sauce?
When you find that you have some leftover sauce, freeze it in an ice tray so that it can be used some other day when you don’t have enough time to cook a proper meal. All you have to do is add the sauce cubes alongside some pasta or macaroni and voila’ your meal will be ready in minutes!


Want Thin Slices of cheese?

Have you been at your wit’s end trying to get thin cheese slices? Well, all you had to do was to use the good old potato skin peeler to get thin and even slices of cheese.



Don’t have a lemon squeezer?
Do you need to juice a lemon without the squeezer? Don’t fret. You just need to warm up the lemon in a microwave to make your job of using your hands to squeeze out the juice a lot easier.


Do you need to pick up shards of broken glass?
When you need to pick up shards of broken glass from the floor, use slices of bread to sweep off even the tiniest of glass particles easily.


Want to remove the corn kernels from the cob easily?
When you want to remove corn kernels from the cob, stand the corn cob in the middle of a bundt pan and use a sharp knife to slice off the corn kernels smoothly. The kernels fall into the pan and the cob remains in your hands at the middle of the pan.


Looking to measure a leveled scoop of any product?
When you want to measure a leveled scoop from a jar of any product, all you have to do is smartly stick a masking tape to the top of the container.When the spoon with the product brushes against the tape, it gets leveled automatically.


Don’t want the chopping board to do jigs?
When you want the chopping board to sit snuggly in one place and not move as you chop hurriedly, place a wet paper towel underneath the board. Now place the chopping board on the wet towel and continue chopping your favourite veggies.


Want the Candle to burn for a longer duration?
When you want the candle to burn for a longer duration, remember to freeze it the previous day. When you remove it from the freezer the next day and light it, the candle will burn for a longer time.


Run out of matchsticks to light a candle?
When you find that matchsticks are missing or not long enough to reach the wick of your candle, try using a spaghetti stick. Light the stick and use it to reach the wick. And your candle will light up easily.


Preserving herbs for future use
When you find yourself in short of herbs, simply dry them quickly in the microwave and preserve them for next use.


Want to decorate cupcakes without fuss
When you want to make a boring cupcake look beautiful, you just need to sprinkle some powdered sugar through a piece of lace over the cupcake. You’ll be amazed at the effortless decoration. We are sure you will enjoy trying out these little tricks to lighten your load. Just make sure to share this piece of information so that more people benefit.