These People Had “Better” Security Than Fort Knox (12 Pics)

This kind of security knows no bounds.

They put their trust in the world.

Dumb Dumb
When you think the world is as dumb as you are.
Hopefully people will just glance and see something dangling from the latch, then keep moving.

This person is counting on the laziness of the public.

Who Wants That?
Does anyone really want the ride at this point?

Silly But Funny
This person is obviously hoping people will find his attempt humorous and cute a deterrent.

Clip Up
Don’t even look in this direction. You might get plucked.

Chain Gang
You don’t want a piece of this person. They mean business.

Good Guess
This is asking for it so much, it might be a booby trap.

What’s That
Hopefully the people digging in here can’t read very well.

Guess What
We could have guessed that.

Rip It Up
Sometimes you need to take matters into your own hands.