The Trick Is Revealed: Here Is The Secret Behind The Levitating Performers (4 Pics + Video)

How many times have you been intrigued by the magicians? Almost always! They’re always mesmerizing, confusing and definitely intriguing, all at once! Whatever it is, as kids, we loved magic shows and magicians.
After Growing up!
Once we are past the age of eight, we understand that there’s nothing magical about the magicians, they’re just using the power of science and illusion to bluff us! But still, we want to believe that it’s magic! And if it is, we are always curious to know the science behind it! And here we are, revealing the science behind one of the most used trick!
The levitating man
Yes, we’re talking about the floating man! This trick is widely used to present magic on the streets of markets or any commonplace! We’re going to reveal the science behind it! So, basically these street magicians use several hidden pieces in order to comfortably support themselves and, as a result, they appear to be levitating while in reality, they are just sitting comfortably supporting their weight on something that’s hidden from the audience!

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