The Top ‘You Had One Job’ Memes Are Here And They’re Deranged! (15 Pics)

Sometimes we are so used to our jobs by doing it again and again that we sometimes do it keeping our eyes closed and there are chances that we make mistakes. Could you possibly do any mistake, if you had just one little job? Well! Some of these people did the same mistakes and they failed at it badly.
How Can They Expect Anybody To Buy, When They Couldn’t Finish Their Work!

This Fanta Can Seem To Be High!

Superman Must Not Be Happy

This May Shoot Laser From It!

This Is Too Much!

Need To Learn The Basic First!

Nobody Gives A Fork…

Must Be A Guy With Color Blindness!

The Writer Must Be 2 Years Old!

So Wrong!

Can We Still Use This?

It Is A Competitor Act!

China Comes With No Guarantee! Not Even The Name.

How Can Somehow Think Of Corns As Onions?

Must Be Desperate To Give The First Position.