The Real Meaning Of Numbers Printed On The Bottom Of A Plastic Bottle Is Much More Significant Than Anyone Thinks.

This is worth knowing

In our daily basis life, we use a lot of things that have uncommon symbols printed on them. We often end up neglecting them and care little to know why are they actually there. Just like that, bottles too come with numbers printed on their bottom. Here we are with those numbers and their meanings to enlighten you how important they are.

Number 1


If there is number one marked at the bottom of a bottle, it is for sure that it had water or soda in it. That means you can reuse it again but it is advised to take care as they are an easy homes for bacteria to breed.

Number 2


Bottles with number 2 printed on them are usually the ones where juice or milk is stored. They are not at all dangerous and can be reused very easily several times.

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