The 8 Most Dangerous Waters in the World

The first thing most of us could think of when the word vacation comes to our mind is the crystal clear water bodies, right? The water bodies be it a lake, river or a sea provide the calm and tranquility required for a vacation. But, there are some places which are not so safe and are mostly kept away from.
So let us check those most dangerous waters in the world.
Great Blue Hole, Belize
Tides transform the Great Blue Hole into an immense vortex that attracts everything at first glance, while ebbs make it gush gigantic segments of water. Regardless of this, however, there still are numerous who need to see this opening since Jacques Cousteau himself called it one of the best places for diving on Earth.
Jacob’s Well, Texas, USA
This crystal clear 30 foot well is one of the dangerous places to visit and diving here is risky as well.The bottom of this well connects to various entrances of caves and once entered it makes a person unable to leave.

Lake Michigan, USA
Nicknamed as the Bermuda triangles for lakes, most aircraft just disappear while flying over this region. Also, the high tide and currents are another reason for many to have lost their lives here.
Lake Natron, Tanzania
The most alkaline and saltiest lake on earth with a temperature of 120°F (50°C) in certain places making it unfit for habitation. The alkaline content is the reason for the color red and only three kids of fish survive in this extreme conditions.
Blue Hole, Dahab

The blue hole has taken the lives of almost 400 divers.The cause of death is insufficient air capacity or nitrogen narcosis.

Horseshoe Lake, USA

Emission of carbon di oxide from the bottom fisues of the lake makes this place inhabitable even to the trees growing on the 100 acres around it.
Boiling Lake, Dominica
Due to their neighboring lava and the hot air that spurts beneath the ground, sets the lake temperature to 198°F (92°C) . Swimming is prohibited here.
Drake Passage
Lots of icebergs, wind speeds reaching 80 miles per hour, strong currents, and poor visibility are part of the ordeal that ships going through here must survive.

Water Creatures
Places that attract tourists may well be infested with lampreys, hagfish, leeches, or other unpleasant fauna.So check before you take the plunge.