The 11 Most Unusual Towns in the World

Each city and town on this planet are unique which makes them a wonderful place to live in, yet there are some weird things around the world. Imagine everything being normal, then living in this world will have the most monotonous things to do here.
Do you think you are living in a normal town? Let us browse through some weird towns in the world.
The Town of Longyearbyen, Svalbard
Those who are likely to die soon are transported by plane to Norway because of the frosty climate which prevents decomposing of dead bodies. The only cemetery in the town has not been used in 70 years.
This Town is shared between two Countries
Büsingen am Hochrhein is economically part of Switzerland and administratively, it’s part of Germany.
People use both German and Swiss numbers and the town has two postal codes.
Hellish Town of USA

This is a small town in Michigan (USA) that has many spooky and devilish restaurants. This is a place where you can find hell.
People of this town normally take their photos with “Welcome to the Hell” boards in the background.

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