Taylor Swift’s Lil’ Bro Is All Grown Up! And You Won’t Believe How Hot He Looks! (14 Pics)

Taylor Swift

We have all witnessed the evolution of Taylor Swift from a teen musician with some country roots to one of the biggest and hottest pop stars of today.
What some of us don’t know…

Is that Taylor has a brother who is just 3 years younger to her.

Taylor Swift is extremely close to her family. She’s always thanked them in her acceptance speeches, taken them on tours and written a song for them.

Hard to believe but this was Taylor Swift growing up.
Celebrity Sister

I wonder how it felt like growing up with a sister who became a celebrity all of a sudden.
We might not know…

But Austin sure does! And he seems to have enjoyed it.

Austin might not have entered into the music field himself. But he’s still making heads turn his way….

It was kinda weird when the paparazzi started calling Austin Taylor’s boyfriend.
Worth It

But I guess, being Taylor’s date to one of the hottest awards was worth all that gossip.

When you are related to one celebrity, you become friends with all the celebrities.

People are already shipping Austin and Selena. And they would actually make a cute couple!

Austin eventually entered the acting scene when he transferred to Notre Dame Univeristy.
Power Siblings

If Power Siblings were ever a thing, they are it.

And recently Austin got a buzz cut. Still hot.