Simple Test Reveals If The Solar Eclipse Damaged Your Eyes (Video)

The recent solar eclipse provided numerous Americans with the chance to learn more about this unique phenomenon. If you followed the proper rules for observing the eclipse, then you wore the specialized glasses that are typically provided to those who wished to view the event without causing any sort of permanent eye damage. However, there are still some who have complained of damages, even though they used the prescribed glasses.

Vision loss hasn’t become a major issue, but there are various other complaints related to the eclipse. Doctors who work in the ophthalmology field have said that they are experiencing a higher volume of patients who have spoken of discomfort. The symptoms are caused by staring at the sun without taking the time to blink and doctors have warned their patients against this practice.

As it turns out, staring at any image for too long without blinking is not the wisest decision that you could be making. Some of the lenses that were used by viewers of the eclipse were not the correct ones and this may have caused damage to their retinas. Vision can become blurry as a result of retinal damage and this is something that patients will definitely want to be fully aware of.

Before you schedule a potentially costly appointment with an eye doctor who may or may not be able to help you, there is an at home test that you can take in order to avoid such difficulties. The Amsler grid allows you to find out if your vision has been damaged in any sort of significant manner before you have even had a chance to leave the house.


Cover up one eye and stare at the dot right in the center of the grid. Repeat this step with the other eye. If the lines are missing or become wavy, or if you notice any dark areas, strangely sized boxes, or blurry edges, call your eye doctor The test,however, works best with a printed out sheet.

Would you like further information about the potential issues that the sun can cause? If so, be sure to take a moment to check out the video below. The sun can cause damage to your eyes and you will need to arm yourself with the proper knowledge to avoid this issue.