She Puts Borax On Waxed Paper And Slides It Under The Fridge. Now Watch What She Pulls It Out (Video)

Borax is one of those ingredients that many people have heard of, but don’t have a clue what it really is or does. Borax is made up of oxygen, sodium, water, and boron. The inexpensive, natural ingredient has so many uses in your home that everyone should try!


Kill unwanted bugs: Getting rid of pesky bugs in your home usually involves harsh chemicals or dangerous traps. But you can mix powdered sugar with borax and place it on a piece of wax paper. Then, slip the paper under the fridge or cabinets. Then get rid of the dead bugs easily and naturally.

Fertilize plants: Using a very small amount of borax on your plants will not only help them grow but it will help them thrive. Just make sure not to use too much cause it can have the opposite effect.


Make candle wicks: Are you a DIY person? Combine 3 tablespoons of borax, 1 cup of boiling water and 1 tablespoon of salt. Then, soak a long string of twine in the mixture for 24 hours and let it dry for two days. Boom. You have yourself some homemade candle wicks!

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