Shaking Like A Leaf, Young Boy’s Act So Moving Forces Howie To Hit The Golden Buzzer (5 Pics + Video)

In his 16 years of life, Christian Guardino has gone through more than most of us could ever imagine. After suffering from complete blindness for years, he was entered into a revolutionary treatment program that changed his life forever. Once he got his sight back, Christian returned to his biggest passion: singing. Christian stepped on the America’s Got Talent stage, shook off his nerves and belted out the words to the Jackson 5 song “Who’s Loving You” perfectly.
Christian was diagnosed with Leber congenital amaurosis (LCA), a rare retinal disease, when he was just a young boy. Unfortunately, all he knew darkness for the majority of his life – and that’s why he turned to music as a way to escape. Then a miracle happened! Christian had the opportunity to participate in an experimental gene therapy treatment that brought back his sight!

After hearing about Christian’s background and his incredible performance, Simon said, “You were like a little mouse that turned into a lion. You are one of my favorite contestants I’ve seen this year. Not only in terms of your voice. I just like you. There’s something about you, and it’s just the best possible feeling when we meet someone like you.” Simon wasn’t the only judge who was blown away by Christian! With a big smile, Howie Mandel reached over and did something that left Christian in tears! See what Howie did by pressing “play” on the video below!