Putting Tape On Two of Your Toes Completely Solves This Very Common Problem (11 Pics)

If you’ve ever worn high heels, you know that the benefit of looking taller and sleeker comes with some pretty big costs. Fortunately, there are easy steps you can take that will make the glamorous look even more comfortable. Below see tricks that will alleviate problems like balance and even the sound your shoes make!
Here’s an easy way to prevent the pain caused by high heels.

The tape relieves pressure on your nerves and also protects the ball of your foot from pressure and blisters
The best part is – you can use any tape!

You can use medical tape or even Scotch tape in a pinch.
This remedy has some extra benefits as well.

With the pain lessened, you can adjust to a more normal stride and step (because walking in heels isn’t very “natural” to begin with).
It’s been tried, tested, and proven.

A writer for XO Jane went a day with the tape and offered a full-on recommendation.
“I wasn’t expecting any major results, but it actually does work, you guys! While my right foot quickly went numb on the bottom, with my big toe feeling especially numb and achy, my left foot remained unaffected. After a while, both feet hurt, but the left one hurt considerably less and didn’t feel numb and cramped up; I think it hurt more from the bad fit of the shoe than the awkward heel position.”
And while we’re dealing with shoe problems, here are a few more tips!

Sand the bottom of your shoe (or scuff it some other way) so you don’t go slipping and sliding in your new shoes.
You might think blisters are just the cost of doing business, but they’re avoidable.

Just rub some gel deodorant on your foot to reduce friction and minimize (or eliminate) blisters!
If your shoes are too tight in places…there’s a hack for that.

Throw on thick socks, put the shoes on, then hit the affected areas with a hairdryer. They’ll slightly expand, eliminating those pinch points.
Do your sexy shoes make an unsexy squeaking noise when you walk?

It happens, especially with nice leather shoes. Put some baby powder on the inside and your problem should be solved!
Trying to clean your leather kicks?

Gently apply rubbing alcohol to the dirty spots. Let dry (it shouldn’t take long), and you’re back in the game.
Have your shiny shoes gone dull?

Not a problem. Bust out some Vaseline, apply it with a Q-Tip, and you’ll be rocking new-looking shoes ASAP
Waterproof your shoes

It’s easier than you think. Just get some beeswax, apply it over the entire shoe, then put a blowdryer on it for about five minutes.
The melted wax will form a barrier between you and the elements. You can even pour water on your shoes after to test it out!