Pictures That Will Leave You Feeling Shook Up (10 Pics)

There’s odd and gross, but then there’s icky and sickening. Some people can deal with both. If you’re brave enough to take a peek at these pictures, you deserve a trophy. These pictures will make you shake your head NO and think WTF did I just see.
Don’t forget to get your daily intake of fresh fruits.
No thanks, I’ll take the french fries instead, please.

This person has a lot of extra time on their hands, and thanks to this manicure, a few extra claws.
Jigsaw. Is that you?

Not really sure WTF is going on here, but it’s freaking me out. The question is not why, but how.

Eek! How. Is. This. Happening?
Welcome to your worst nightmare!

They are at a Cosplay convention, but one has to wonder just what is happening with these two ‘people’. Seriously…those are not masks.

This transparent bug is enough to make us gag on our own vomit. Seriously, like, WTF is this?

We live on a planet that actually manufactures and sells balloons that are meant to be inflated with your nose.
Boogers not included.

Mannequins can be creepy and even scary to children, but this is taking things a bit too far.
Nobody wants to see giant hands wearing underwear!

If you’ve got it flaunt it! It looks like her feet are giving us the middle finger. This is creepy.

Let’s have a nice cracker with marmalade. Oh NO!! Nevermind…
What a sweet surprise!