Ordinary Red Storage Container Hides a Stunning Home Inside

The tiny house movement has put a different perspective on owning homes — it’s quite incredible what can be done, living a minimalist life in a storage container. In fact, many people are opting out of owning large properties with sprawling gardens, a cottage with bay windows, large rooms, and storage space. Instead, they fulfill the dream of living a life that doesn’t tie them down to the comforts of their home while traveling around. Now, they can have the best of both worlds—a storage container converted into a cozy home with wheels that allows them to move around without leaving their home. How much more comfortable can you get!

These storage containers can accommodate small families, so they aren’t limited to singles or couples. It’s all about how the fixtures are fitted inside, making the best use of the space available.

Looks can be deceiving
This red storage container looks ordinary from the outside, but wait until you get a peek inside. What catches the attention, first of all, is the neat patio with potted plants, a seating arrangement, and a white door.


At night, the exterior looks even more ordinary.


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