Man Performs A Short Experiment To See How Good Milk Will Blend With Soda

The world around us if full of strange things and surprises that are waiting to be discovered. And various chemical experiments are, perhaps, one of the most interesting yet easy to repeat discoveries. For example, what will happen if you blend some milk with Coca-Cola?

Milk plus coke equals transparent drink?

People with curious minds always try to make a new discovery and share their accomplishments with the others. Thanks to these people, we know exactly what will happen if you pour a bit of milk into a bottle of coke or any other soda drink.


The reaction itself seems to be quite simple: You take milk and Coca-Cola, blend them together, wait an hour or two, and get a completely new drink. On the bottom of the bottle you will have some weirdly looking brown sediment, but on the top, there will be a clear (or almost clear) liquid.


The chemical reaction behind this experiment, however, is a bit more complicated. The molecules of phosphoric acid from the soda get attached to the milk, then they become denser and separate out. In its turn, the liquid from both soda and milk becomes lighter and gathers on the top of the glass.

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