Maintain Your Personal Hygiene by Changing These 9 Bathroom Items Frequently

How many of us actually change the items in our toilets. The one place where you go to clean yourself may end up contaminating you more with germs because of not changing items regularly. Washing off strands of hair and dead skin cells are the precise reason why your toiletries should be changed. Here are 9 bathroom items that need changing frequently.

Discard your loofahs every three weeks
Scrubbing your skin with a loofah everyday can trap dead skin cells in the netting. The warm and moist atmosphere of your bathroom makes it a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and even mold which can also enter your loofahs. Get rid of them every three weeks.


Change wash cloths every day
People tend to use wash cloths every day in the same manner as loofahs which means it also ends up filled with dead skin cells. However the material isn’t the same mesh type texture. You could wash and change them every day.


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