If You Are Able To Solve This Math Problem, You Are A Genius! (14 Pics)

Maths is no less than a nightmare for most of the people. It’s tricky, has infinite formulas and what not. I remember losing my mind over maths problems when I wasn’t able to solve them. So, what if I give you a math problem that will prick your mind and make you wonder what exactly is the solution? Yes, we have a question here, a math problem to solve. And as per surveys, 80% people fail to solve this.
Do you consider yourself as a genius when it comes to any math problem? Well, we might have something for you to solve. And yes, 80% of people fail to answer this. Give it a try.
Let us begin, shall we? Now, we know how tricky maths can get at times. So, if you are able to crack this one, you can brag about yourself.
Here is the math problem. Have a look. And, yes, this is a genius test. It tests your presence of mind and how deep your knowledge about maths is.
Now that you have seen the question and processed it, think. What exactly is your approach? Think, genius. Try to solve this. Let your grey matter do some work.

But, wait, are you trying to solve this math problem using the multiples of 11? Seriously, are you? Think again, my friend. What if there is more to it?

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