I Bet Most Users Don’t Know About These 9 Smartphone Features

Smartphones have entered our lives at such a breakneck pace that not everyone has time to discover what they are truly capable of. Moreover, the progress does not stand still, and constant updates bring these gadgets closer and closer to omnipotence.

We believe that many everyday tasks can be made much simpler if you master a few tricks when handling your Android device. Today we present a list of some of these awesome hidden features!

Cloning applications


In fresh versions of Android, there’s a menu option called “App Cloner” that allows you to duplicate the desired application with a single tap. This can be useful to people who often access one social network under different accounts. Those whose version of Android doesn’t support this feature can download a special program for cloning applications.

Downloading videos and audios in YouTube


By default, Google hides apps that enable you to download YouTube videos from its official store. But there are plenty of freely available third-party developer applications. Some already have a well-established reputation; others are new on the market. All of them work along the same principles: you either paste a link to the video or find the file via the app.

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