How to use coconut oil to get a sparkling white smile

Everyone wants to have a whiter smile. Whether from high coffee consumption, too much black tea, smoking, or simply from inadequate dental care, your teeth can become yellow and discolored. Instead of paying hundreds for a professional bleaching, there’s a more natural and cost-conscious way to achieve that pearly white sparkle. The secret is coconut oil.


It eliminates stains naturally without attacking your enamel. Another of the many other benefits of coconut oil: it freshens your breath.


You’ll need:

1 tablespoon of cold-pressed, natural coconut oil

Here’s how:

First let your solid coconut oil soften a little, until it’s slightly fluid. Take about half to a whole tablespoon in your mouth before you brush your teeth. Let your teeth soak in the oil for 10 to 15 minutes. If you have the urge to spit it out or swallow it, start over using less oil. After the time has elapsed, spit it out and rinse with water. Now brush your teeth as usual.

Repeat this treatment daily until your teeth reach the desired whiteness.


To avoid excessively stained teeth, reduce your consumption of coffee and black tea and ideally, give up smoking. It is also important to regularly and thoroughly brush your teeth after meals.