Hilary Duff’s Evolution Through The Years (12 Pics)

Did you grow up watching Lizzie McGuire? Or maybe you were more of a Metamorphosis fan? Either way, you’ve definitely heard of Hilary Duff, and we’re willing to bet that you’re a tiny bit obsessed with her. She’s grown up in the spotlight but has an image so clean you can see your reflection in it. That’s rare for a Disney girl these days, I’m sure we all know that. Hilary’s evolution is pretty impressive and it’s one you won’t want to miss!
At just 11 years old, Hilary starred in her first movie, Casper Meets Wendy. While the movie itself was meh, Hilary’s voice sounds like the cutest little chipmunk ever and it’s a classic.

She also had small parts on shows like Chicago Hope and The Soul Collector before she really got her big break.

Everybody knows just how successful Lizzie McGuire was. After that, Hilary was unstoppable, and we’ll call these next few years “the golden years”.

Hilary became an icon and role model for young girls everywhere. Does anyone else remember Stuff By Duff???
I lived for the cheap lipgloss, just saying.

Of course, Hilary was known for more than just Lizzie McGuire. The classics like A Cinderella Story, Agent Cody Banks, and Raise Your Voice were all staples in every teen’s movie collection!
That cell phone, though.

Oh! She also released a TON of music in these golden years and her look started to take a turn for the edgier side.
It’s like she was going through a bit of a… Metamorphosis.

She also started to lose a ton of weight, so much so that she says she looks back and admits she was “too skinny.”

At one point she was dealing with her parent’s divorce, a stalker who was threatening to kill himself just to get her attention, and her breakup with Joel Madden.
Heavy stuff for being just 18 years old.

She appeared on several episodes of Gossip Girl in 2009 and her good girl image started to come back, although critics thought she was too old to be portraying characters in a “teen drama”.

Hilary announced her pregnancy in 2011 and honestly from this point going forward her fashion has been spot on.

And can we just take a second to appreciate how stinkin’ adorable her son Luca is?

We love that her image over the years has only gotten better, and she’s stayed a pretty good role model for many girls.

While we patiently wait for new music and projects from Hil, we’re going to sit here and wish she was our mother.
Because she’s our mother in our hearts.