Here’s Why Some Hong Kong Skyscrapers Have Gaping Holes (5 Pics)

Have you ever realized that Hong Kong skyscrapers have holes in them?
Space is Precious – But…
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Spending more than 10 minutes in Hong Kong will make you realise the price of the space. The streets, roads and the markets are crowded. The skyline is blocked with towers of the apartment which house most of the city residents.
A glance across the skyline draws your attention to gaping holes carved through the centre of many buildings.
Why waste of such massive space!
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Why would any city allow waste of space when a very square inch is precious?
The answer? Dragons and feng shui.
The art of feng shui is serious business in Hong Kong. Feng shui widely translated as “wind and water” stems from the ancient art of geomancy, or connecting to the energy of the earth.
Hidden Chinese Principle

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They’re called dragon gates, and according to the Chinese principle, feng shui (pronounced fung shway) these holes allow dragons to fly from the mountains to the water each day.
It’s believed that blocking the dragon’s path could bring misfortune. Buildings with bad feng shui, such as the Bank of China Tower, have been blamed for surrounding companies going out of business.
Feng Shui Practitioners
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Feng shui holds a basic principle of balancing physical environment in relation to the mountains, sea and sky. Most feng shui practitioners combine approaches when examining the design and placement of buildings/objects to ensure they are created in an auspicious and harmonious way.
They earn millions by mere directing a certain energy, or “chi,” of the objects by the way they are arranged.
Before you dismiss feng shui as the superstitious nonsense you should know that engineers, architects, property developers and real estate agents take feng shui courses before completing their training and certification.
Legendary Belief
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It is believed that dragons live in the mountains and hold positive and powerful energy which blows through Hong Kong daily as the dragons make their way from the mountains to the sea to drink and bathe.
Thus, architects plan housing and office complexes with “gates” or “windows” allowing dragons to pass through the city unimpeded on their way to the sea.