Here Is The Answer On Why Does People In Britain Use Separate Hot And Cold Taps (3 pics)

In whole world except Britain, people can get both cold and hot water on a single tap. However, why does the Brits do this? Check it out.

Most houses in Britain are build in 19th-20th century. In the first there was only cold water and only later hot water has been added and thus there were two taps.

Actually, in UK it is forbidden by the law to use mixed taps! There is so central heating system in the country and there’s a gas column in each house. Previously, the cylinder was an obligatory part of the boiler and water running through it could go stale and the cylinder could rust, making the water undrinkable, which is why it became necessary to introduce a law prohibiting mixing cold water, suitable for drinking.

There is also an economic reasoning to this. You see, when we try to fix the right temperature of the water, we find that we waste a lot of water while doing it, but if you use separated taps, you do not waste a single drop!

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