Here Are 10 Reasons Why You Should Never Ever Flush After You Pee!

Well, this is news.
What we do…

We have always believed flushing a toilet after you use it is how things are done in civilized society. But things are quite different actually.
The saying is…

There’s actually a toilet-themed rhyme one needs to follow- “If it’s yellow, let is mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down.”
Less Germs

When you flush after you pee, there’s something called as “toilet plume”- a spray that is sent into the air carrying all the germs. So, the less you flush the pee, the lesser the germs spread.
Save Water

Just imagine the amount of water you will be saving!

Your pee is actually clean enough to be left in the toilet for a few hours.

Imagine the amount of money one could save on repairs incurred from repeated unwanted use.

The world is quickly running out of fresh water. Using it for something like that for flushing is a huge waste.

The noise caused by flushing has destroyed many a sleeps at night.

It helps keeping the balance on water pressure a lot easier.
‘New Normal’

While it might seem awkward at first, many organizations are taking up this environment savvy approach.