He Thought They Left Him A $20 Tip. But When He Unfolds The Bill? THIS Is Hiding On The Inside…

No waiter would like this little stunt to be pulled on them, let alone to witness it happen.
Kansas teenager, Garret Wayman, was busting a table after a long shift. He noticed a tip from a customer that seemed like a $20 bill. Unfortunately, when he picked it up, it was something completely out of the ordinary, in his mind, quite disgusted.

Under the ketchup bottle, the customers left the 17-year old waiter a religious pamphlet that recommended he seek “faith thru Jesus Christ”.
Wayman told Tech Insider, “I’m 17 years old, $7,000 in debt because I had to buy myself a car, juggling full-time school, and working 7 days a week.” He argued that he was fairly excited to see such a large tip since “getting a $20 tip at the restaurant I work at is very, very rare.”

When he opened up the pamphlet, it included a whole eight paragraphs on why the 17-year-old should buy a Bible and start practicing the Christian faith. It also includes a phrase, saying, “Don’t be fooled! There is something you can have more valuable than money.”
Servers have very low minimum wage, hovering around $2 per hour, and playing such antics can really ruin somebody’s day. Wayman certainly did not feel on top of the world when he encountered this stunt. Wayman decided to take his frustration to the internet.
After posting this on Twitter, Wayman received over 2,000 re-tweets and comments, most of which actually apologized for such a rude comment, and even offered to give him the $20 he deserved.