Giant Dog Approaches Little Girl In Hospital Bed, Now Keep Your Eye On His Back (5 Pics + Video)

Bella and George are inseparable, and for good reason! Bella is an enthusiastic 11-year-old who was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called Morquio Syndrome. As Bella gets older, her mobility becomes more and more restricted and there’s not a solid treatment plan that can ever get it back. Years ago, doctors warned Bella and her family that walking would soon be out of the question – but they weren’t about to give up! That’s when they looked into getting Bella a service dog and was led into the loving paws of George.
George the great dane is Bella’s hero. He gives her the chance to walk wherever she may please and now Bella wants to give back to him! That’s why she agreed to honor her faithful service pup with the help of BarkPost. The company organized a “Dog’s Best Day” for George and planned things that every dog would flip for! From chomping on burgers to romping in the snow, George was celebrated for the wonderful pup that he truly is!

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