Easily remove tangled up dog hair from your car seats with this household item (Video)

We all love our dogs to death and while these animals deserve every ounce of love and affection that they get, they can also become quite a nuisance when it comes to the fur that they leave behind. Whether you refer to their leavings as hair or you call it fur, one thing is for sure: it can be very annoying once you have decided to remove it from the equation for good.

There is something about dog hair that is next to impossible to clean up with. Dog hair is much like sand in that regard. It gets into every orifice and blankets every surface, frustrating those who like to make sure that their home and vehicle are clean at all times. For those who allow their pup to ride in their car on a regular basis, the prospect of removing all the fur from inside of the vehicle can seem like an arduous task.

That’s why we are here to offer you one of the simplest hacks known to man for getting rid of any unwanted dog hair. If you are someone who loves to take your dog on outings and is tired of always having to clean up the mess that ensues, we are here to provide you with some wonderful pointers that are going to change your entire outlook on dog ownership.


While you can vacuum most of the hair away and this might work well enough for some, those who are more thorough will not prefer this method. Even a lint roller or a roll of duct tape is not going to be able to fully do the trick. Shop vacs may seem like the best idea, but even a shop vac is going to come with certain limitations once you try to remove all of the dog hair.

Would you like to learn more about the best hack for removing dog hair from the interior of your vehicle? It all starts with rubber gloves and if you are interested in finding out everything you need know about this amazing life hack, we implore you to take a moment out of your day in order to fully acclimate yourself with this helpful technique.


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