Brew this banana tea before bedtime and you’ll be surprised what happens (Video)

The more you fight your insomnia, the more you are wide awake. What’s worse about medication is that as your body develops immunity towards sleeping pills you keep requiring more and more of it and that’s dangerous. But, there’s this amazing new remedy of banana tea for sleep and it actually works.

Insomnia is due to several factors both of lifestyle and disease. Depression and anxiety could well be the most common of conditions contributing to insomnia. Even medication such as painkillers, anthistamines, and heart or blood pressure medication that deprive one of sleep.

Negative effects of sleeping pills
The biggest disadvantage of insomnia is dependence on sleeping pills. More than half the US suffers from sleep deprivation and sleeping pills lose their efficacy from prolonged use. Moreover an unhealthy or stressful lifestyle contributes heavily to stress related insomnia.

Sleeping pills are usually hypnotic and sedative type drugs such as barbiturates and benzodiazepines like Xanax and Valium. Prolonged use leads to several side effects like panic attacks and a feeling of poor well-being. Various side effects from prolonged use are:


Panic attacks


Lack of concentration and focus

Stomach upset

Weakness and general debility

Uncontrollable tremors and shaking

Parasominia (unintentional actions)


The effects of sleep deprivation
Getting less than 6 to 8 hours of sleep per days isn’t just dangerous for the physiological aspects of your body; it also negatively impacts your mental and emotional well being. Impaired cognitive function is one of the most common side effects of sleep deprivation. This leads to lack of concentration in work, poor focus and a general feeling of grumpiness. In other words you are always in a bad mood.

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