Best 5 Kept Secrets Shared By Cruise Ship Crew Members, You Should Know Before Sailing

Cruise life is really mysterious. There are a whole lot of things that nobody will tell you about unless you start cruising yourself and pick up little cues while onboard. Even if you’re an old sea dog, there will be at least one thing in this list that you would never have guessed. We’ve brought five of the best-kept secrets right from the cruise ship crew members for you! You should be knowing them before you go sailing on the next ship.
The Crew Party
A crew member spilled the beans while telling us about their grand party that they have after their shift gets over. And to make you feel worse, they’re not only grand but hell lot inexpensive. He said, “Well, honestly, we don’t want our passengers to know that we actually have more fun on the cruise than them! Yes, the parties, that we have after the shifts are grand!! All our beer cans are billed at $1!” So, while the passengers in the crew sleep their night off, the crew enjoys the lavish party! Whoa, that’s news!
The Creepy Truth
As unbelievable as it may sound, but the truth is some passengers come onboard the cruise to never return alive. One of the crew members told us that, on an average, there are about three deaths per month on board which is why they have a morgue below the deck. Outright creepy, isn’t it? And not only a morgue they also have a jail onboard for weird passengers, of course!

Everyone Is Drunk Mostly
For the crew members, it’s a week long work, they do not get even a day off while onboard and the liquor is extremely inexpensive. Where the same quantity of drink costs $8 to the passenger, it is available just at $1 to the crew member. Hence, the crew members are in a drunken state most of the times. So, drinking and sailing is not a punishable act, it seems!
The Hook-Up Culture
Well, this is something for which the sailors are infamous for! Hooking up and getting laid is almost synonymous with the sailing culture. As unbelievable or weird as it may seem, but according to a member of the crew staff, the percentage of people with STD while exiting the cruise ship is three times in comparison with the percentage of people with STD while entering the ship. Again, this is a confession by a crew member so we have no other option than to believe it.

The Female Popularity
Women get a lot of attention onboard. There is a 5:1 ratio for male vs female population and hence women enjoy the attention they get. However, getting laid with the passengers on board is a punishable offence onboard. If they get caught, they are handed over a ticket to their home!
Interesting much? Isn’t it? So, don’t forget to share these secrets with your friends!