Angry Mother Sprays Kids With Water Bottle In Store. See How Grandma Takes Immediate Action (5 Pics + Video)

No doubt there are many different methods of disciplining children. While some may not be physically harmful, they certainly can be controversial.
That’s what this episode of What Would You Do aimed to demonstrate. It’s also become one of the most powerful segments ever.
ohn Quinones and his camera crew armed a female actress with a water-fill spray bottle. She instructed her to spray her “children” in the face while grocery shopping.
It was a busy store and plenty of people would be present to watch her. When the mother started to spray them in the face in the store, people immediately jump in to help the kids.
First, an older woman intervened and explained that she thought the spray bottle was cruel and that there were other more effective ways to discipline the children.

At one point, the kids opened up a box of cookies and began eating them there in the aisle. So the mom stepped over and sprayed them in the face.
The kids cried out “My eyes!” They caught the attention of other shoppers who were shocked. But the next response was something that caught everyone on the show by surprise.
A mother with a child in her own cart approached the family and explained that she approved of the spray bottle as long as it did the trick. When the actress’ children piped up and complained that’s what you do to animals who misbehave, the stranger replied that if the children were acting like animals then maybe it was the right thing to do!

Viewers were stunned by this woman’s comments! It was truly shocking to them.
Their conversation is astounding. Even those who commented on the YouTube video cannot believe their exchange.
Even preteen shared their opinion that kids should not be sprayed with water. They insisted that they aren’t animals and shouldn’t be treated as such.
Take a peek at her reaction and many others in the video below.