Amazing Inventions You Won’t Believe Exist (15 Pics)

Humans have been inventing since the beginning of time and some inventions helped revolutionized the way we do things today. There are some inventions that you don’t even know you needed and actually exists. In this list, some of the inventions are actually pretty useful while others are real head scratchers.
Reuseable Candles

Candles are messy and once you burn them, they drip all over into a glob that can’t be reused. But thanks to The Rekindle, that’s no longer a problem! This invention collects the melting, dripping wax that otherwise might go to waste, and shapes it to form a new candle that can reused over and over again.
Twisted Spaghetti Fork

Whoa! This is what I need. A curvy fork. This invention was specially designed to keep your spaghetti from sliding off your fork by SlingBlades. The forks, sold by the dozen, are available on Amazon for $75. a set. The perfect tableware for any pasta dinner, and one of those things you wish you had thought of first.
Baby Stroller Scooter

It’s called The Roller Buggy and it can be yours for $600. Simply place your baby inside the carrier, hop on the back and use the handle to pull downward to get traction and start rolling. It rolls over most all terrains and gives bot Mom and baby a great adventure.
Interchangeable Rotating Power Strips

No more finagling your plugs around to fit into the spaces. This rotating rechargeable power strip will allow for any type of plug to fit in by just twisting the outlets around. The colored version allows you to keep track of which plug belongs to which electrical unit.
Hourglass Traffic Light

No more guessing just how much time you have to wait or if you have enough time to “make it”. Yanko Designs created a new design for traffic lights and it looks pretty awesome. The new hourglass design counts down the time remaining before the light changes to red, and vice-versa. No more guessing how long that light’s going holding you up. These are already in use throughout major Asian cities.
Pizza Scissors

Say goodbye to that old rolling pizza cutter. These scissors are not for paper, but you’ll get a perfectly cut slice of pizza with them. They are set to cut the pizza pie into predetermined sizes, and they are complete with a spatula that just slides underneath to pick the cut slice up with. Mmmm..PIZZA!
Faucet Thermometer

Water too hot? Worried about the correct water temperature for your newborn? This company, Baby Spout, was genius enough to invent a faucet thermometer so you can see the water temperature as the water comes through the tap. It will take the guessing out of bath time too.
Umbrella Bag

Yankodesigns has come out with a new way to carry your umbrella around. Nobody will know you’re prepared for rainy weather when carrying this umbrella because it doubles as a fashionable handbag. Just unzip the top, pull out the handle, shake it, and you’re covered!
Laser Bike Lane

If you enjoy riding your bike at night but are afraid of being unseen and possibly hit by a speeding car, then this invention by XFireShop is what you need for a safe ride. Designed for the safety-conscious, it’s an invention that should come standard on all new bikes. Super-bright, longer-lasting LEDs lights provide a bike lane that will go some way to tackling two serious causes of cycling fatalities, being caught in the blind spot, or vehicles turning across an unseen cyclist.
Ironing Board Mirror

Invented by All Day Chic, this ironing board doubles as a full-length mirror. Once you are done ironing, you just flip the iron board to use it as a tall mirror, to be able to see if you missed a spot. No more wrinkly clothes at the office for you, Mr./Mrs. Proper Adult! Ironing boards are hard to store away and out of sight but with this design, you can keep it as a focal point in any room.
Bottle Opener Ring

Who doesn’t need this item? It’s a stylish ring you can wear when camping, hunting, fishing, at a concert, or just about anyplace you might need to open a bottle. The ring doubles as a bottle opener by simply slipping your ring palm side down and inserting it under the bottle cap then pulling upwards. Great gift for any millennial!
L.E.D. Slippers

No more walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night in the dark. If you tend to walk into things when the lights go down, these slippers by Bright Feet are exactly what you need. They come complete with an LED light that guides the way with a bright light-blue point of light that will help guide you through the dark so you won’t hurt yourself ever again.
Ice Cream Lock

You’ve got to be really into your ice cream to need this item. But if you can’t seem to keep people away from that pint of ice cream you placed in the freezer, you may actually love this ice cream container lock. With this ingenious invention, you can lock the lid of your Ben and Jerry’s from the grubby hands of your co-workers/family/roommates. All for just $45.
Weight Watch Belt

This is something you don’t want to receive as a gift, or wear in public unless you are super thin. This unisex belt helps you keep track of the size of your waist by alerting you and anyone looking just how many inches your waist actually is. Invented by Weight Is Me, I don’t think I like this one.
Virtual Keyboard

This invention uses Bluetooth technology to connect the keyboard to your device and works best in low lit rooms. Revolutionary laser technology projects a virtual keyboard on any flat surface and it works with almost any device including your cell phone! The problem with this is it can be a bit pricey for a good model.