After This Little Girl’s Mom Let Her Down, Her Sister Brought Twitter To The Rescue

We got a great reminder of the decency of humanity on Twitter recently when a big sister came through for her little sister, a burgeoning artist who had a nasty setback.
And after she shared it all on Twitter, hearts poured out in support. It’s enough to get you all choked up at the office.


Trying to encourage her little sister, Emely asked her to paint her shoes.
Because all little Rembrandts need support from their families, right? But things didn’t go so well while Emely was away, and she came home to a pretty demoralizing note.


“Dear Emy,” the note reads. “I’m sorry if you don’t like them, I tried my best. Mom said she didn’t like them and that broke my heart. I don’t need you to break it more. Now that I see it I agree with her, you shouldn’t have let me do that. I’m so sorry.”
Have you ever read anything so darn sad?


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