A Kid Jumped Into A Bass Pro Shops Fish Tank, And It Ended Very Badly (4 Pics + Video)

The internet nowadays is full with suspicious content and challenges that teenagers get obsessed with. Every other day some new challenge comes up which proves to be deadly for our young generation. To get their share of fame from peers, the innocent teens try the destructive actions that leave them in a trouble.
A Stunt That Went Wrong
The content on the social media is regulated in such a manner that easily influences the mind of people and they get involved in the life threatening acts.
One such least entertaining prank was tried by this teen which put him in a bigger risk such that he landed in the hospital after he cracked his skull open.
The Deadly Challenge
The challenge that this kid attempted was to record himself jump from a 30-feet ledge into a large pond or a fish tank and soon the incident went viral on social media.
Such large fish tanks are normally found at Brass Pro Shops. The act seems to be an utter foolishness for why someone would risk this precious life.
Continue reading to find out what happened with this kid after he performed this act.
The Teen May Face Charges
Soon after the news went viral, it also caught the attention of Denver Police and the teen may face serious charges for his prank.

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