9 Times Old People Failed In The Most Precious Possible Way

Old people are an absolute blessing. Not only are they like human time capsules, but they also do the cutest things without even knowing how cute these things are.
That’s why they need to be preserved and immortalized in our hearts and minds forever, TBH.
1. These sweet grandparents who were waiting for each other.
I love that they’re both prompt but so completely off-course. So synced, but so out of tune.
Living for these soulmate vibes.
2. I mean, this is iconic.
This whole bracelet situation leaves me with more questions than I’m comfortable with.
WHY does this John Cena bracelet even exist? But also, why don’t I have it?
3. This grandma who was not comfortable with this bag’s CLEARLY explicit nudity.
I’m screaming. The effort this would have taken is a labor of love that only a grandma would undertake.
That tiny shirt has given me so much life.

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