9 Photos Showing That genetics Is An Unpredictable Thing.

Genetics is a science that is hard to argue with. Sometimes it brings such surprises that parents can’t even recognize their kid, and sometimes all family members look identical: for example, with similar birthmarks or bright red hair.

Genetics is an amazing thing. It astonishes us in many ways. Here we have a few cases where genetics says us we need to study it more.

Height And Genetics


Who says our height and weight depends on our parents? Just look at this son father duo, it proves that genetics do not really stand in the way. Hey there! M in love with your height.



When you are in a mood to open a twin village, you do this. Well! Meet this twin family and see how cute they look altogether. Beautiful!

Red head gene


Meet these red head beauties. This picture is full of beautiful fairies. The red head gene is in all of them.

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