8 Very Surprising Mysteries That Science Just Can’t Explain

There was a time when every incident, occurrence or thing was to be accepted without any explanation. But, today everything is changed, as we always turn to science when one needs a logical explanation.
However, there are still few mysteries in life that science just can’t explain. Let us check out what they are.
Cat Purr
It is believed that a cat purrs when they are content and comfortable, right?
Although there is no scientific evidence on why or how they purr, it is suggested that the purring vibration starts in the vocal chords and can possibly accelerate the healing process for the cats while minimizing pain at the same time.

As per the data collected by Google Earth in 2008, scientists established that cows position themselves in a north-south direction when eating.
Although the scientists do not know the reason for this they believe that the cows align themselves along the magnetic fields when grazing.

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