8 Signs That You Have a Strong Personality That Might Intimidate Some People

A strong personality is something that many people are intimidated by. In a world that feeds on insecurity and fear, it’s become normal for people to be meek and hide among the herd – so it’s just natural to assume that these same people will feel triggered when they face someone who’s doing the opposite.

And these rare gems who possess a genuine strength in personality are something we can all learn from. They radiate with the self-confidence we’re all bound to have, and they aren’t afraid to show their assets in the most appropriate way.

Here are 8 traits that make up for a strong personality which cannot be shaken down by the insecurities of others.

1. You don’t let everyone into your life

Being aware of how inconsistent people can be today, you are very careful of who you let into your life. Your core philosophy of friendship is better to stay alone and true than be surrounded by fake people.


That’s why you have a select number of people you can call friends, and you’re happy with them. When it comes to friendship, quality means everything for you, while quantity is just a waste of time.

2. You don’t crave attention

You’re not the type of person who’ll do everything for a little attention. In fact, you fail to understand why people are so eager to be liked by others that they are ready to go to any lengths to gain their attention.


However, your personality attracts people in such a way that most who go through all those struggles to get noticed simply envy you. It’s not you, though – it’s the people around you who want someone like you to be present in their lives.

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