8 Major Secrets of Fast Food Restaurants the Staff Will Never Tell You

With the emergence of the new era, our lifestyle has undergone a lot of changes.No one has the time to cook anymore, nor wait in some fancy restaurants for food to be served. Instead, everyone is hoping towards the fast food restaurants.
So let us check out the secrets of these fast food restaurants, which you will never hear from anywhere else.
Best Time
If you want fresh food, you need to visit the fast food joints at the peak hours of the time between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. and the period between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.The only downside is you won’t find the seating.
Say No To Salt
Never order your french fries with salt if you want them fresh. This is because french fries are generally salted only after a complete batch is cooked. So if you order fries without salt, the staff will make a fresh batch for you.
Smell Your Way Through

The smell from the kitchen is a marketing strategy to attract customers. Sometimes they even leave their kitchen doors open on purpose, so the smell reaches the people on the street.
Coke Vs Tea
Coke is cheaper than tea because coke will never quench your thirst and the carbon di oxide in it will increase your appetite. Hence you tend to buy more of those sugary beverages again and again.
20 Ingredients

French fry is achieved by 20 ingredients, first being potatoes and the others are some fats, additives, and flavor enhancers, making this food not completely harmless.

Early Birds
Going to the fast food joint first thing in the morning is not advisable as the staff, clean their kitchen, machines and counter tops with harmful chemicals in the morning which may end up in your food.
Calorie Count

It goes without saying, the calorie intake in a fast food joint is higher than it used to be earlier.For instance, the cheeseburger contains 75% more, the french fries 80% more and the pizza 70% more calories than 20 years ago.
Dirty Secret
As soda fountains are difficult to clean, it turns into a breeding ground for all kinds of germs.