7 Creepy Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Heath Ledger’s ‘Joker’

In 2008, The Joker established itself as one of the most iconic characters in “The Dark Knight”. The man who gave life to this character, Heath Ledger, brought in such a strong performance that earned him not only an Oscar, but also shocks and praises. People love him because he is not just bat shit crazy but intelligent at the same time. Considering the hero is as great as the villain, no one likes an easy fight.

Heath took his inspiration for this character from ‘Clockwork Orange.’

This movie has come out in the 1970’s and was the craziest movies of its time. The strange mannerisms of the character had to be acted with authenticity. Very close to how an insane person would act. Heath went an extra mile to play this role, and no one could have nailed it better.

There is a thing called as ‘method acting.’

The actors start to think and live like the character to get all the aspects of it. He isolated himself and imagined what it would be like if he were insane. Being alone for so long made him realize what it would be like for a character like ‘joker.’ He had to stop after a while as ‘method acting’ started to affect his relationships.

Flicking the tongue

Not many actors improvise, but the ones that do take it very seriously. One needs to be talented to do something on the spot that adds to the character. Heath would keep adding things in scenes or get lost in playing the character. Surprisingly a lot of those unscripted scenes ended up coming on screen. Flicking the tongue for example

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