6 Super hidden secrets from hotel industry you must know

Booking rooms and staying in hotels is a work of great skills. You need a sweet smile, polite voice, immense sense of sticking to a schedule and also need to know some secrets that might make your stay at hotels pleasant, valuable and fun. We bring to you 6 such secrets that will help you get discounts, services and even additional benefits in hotels.

Room Pricing
See the fact is room pricing is highly arbitrary. There are chances that hotels might sell the last remaining vacant rooms for cheaper rates in order to fill them. However, these rates are only offered in dire situations and there is a chance that someone might not bargain and book them at full prices. So if you want to book rooms for cheap, trying booking them after 6 pm. And also trying booking on blind booking sites, where hotel rooms are shown after payments only.


Free services
As with the service industry works, hotels also provide some free of cost services, but most of them do not advertise it. Hotels often provide guests with shampoos, water bottles, irons, hair stylers, phone chargers and some board games. Hotels also call you a taxi for free, bring in a doctor in times of emergencies and provide you with a wakeup call. You just need to ask politely at the desk.


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